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Creature Resort- Game Artist

Game Art/ Visual Development/ Concept Art/ Character Design/ UI Assist

Creature Resort is a creature collecting mobile game, with a resort building theme. Players can customise their own island with various attractions for a large array of creatures to collect. This game is an original IP and required concepts for 40 characters and upgradable buildings. I worked on visual development, characters, backgrounds, props as well as UI elements like icons, turnarounds for 3D artists and final textures and 2D assets for the game. I created style guides and had a key role in guiding colour and character design. Creature Resort is currently in soft launch.


Character Design

The characters in the game were 6 staff characters (creatures that were responsible for facilities and onboarding) and 40 visitor creatures, with 4 different themes. The themes were 'bright sky, haunted forest, tropical island and snowy peak' I designed the first few characters and set the style for their appearance and the way they were textured. In total, I had key involvement in 32 of the designs.


3D Model by Ellise Collins


3D Model by Ellise Collins


3D Model by Ellise Collins


Environment Design

This included natural island design as well as building design, for resort facilities. Many of the buildings had multiple stages, such as the bathhouse, with 3 upgrades. I designed the colour for the island and many of it's elements- including the villas and their colourful tiles.


3D Model by Elliott Kozlik

Food Design

These foods were to be farmed and fed to visitors to increase their happiness. The groups of flavours are Savoury, Sweet, Spicy, Sour and  combinations of each. As each creature has a taste preference, the visual language of each flavour needed to be very strong, to ensure that it would be obvious which group they belonged to. I worked on concepts for these with another artist, though I independently designed the colour for all of the single flavour food and guided the flat stylisation for the representation of food in the UI.

Holly Dyer

Game Artist | Concept Artist | Illustrator

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