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Hilda Creatures- Junior Game Artist

Game Art/ Concept Art/ Character Design/ UI Assist

Hilda Creatures is an idle creature collecting mobile app from BIGUMAKU, based on the hit comic series by Luke Pearson, and Netflix Original Series. I created original background, prop and character concepts for this game and finished them as in-game art, in the Hilda style. I also created some UI art elements that complemented the existing style of Hilda.

HILDA is a Netflix Original Series. HILDA™ ©2018 Hilda Productions Limited, a Silvergate Media Company

The Hilda comic books are © Nobrow Ltd. and Luke Pearson. Hilda comics are published by Flying Eye Books, an imprint of Nobrow Ltd.

Hilda Launch Art.png

Creature Design

These unique characters were designed on rigged Spine bases. The poodle required special design to complement the rigging, with separate elements and cuts in the artwork.


Property of BIGUMAKU, Silvergate Media ©

Background Design


Property of BIGUMAKU, Silvergate Media ©


Property of BIGUMAKU, Silvergate Media ©

Scaling upgrades of a balloon watch tower, with the final surprise being a woff themed balloon. There was no precedent for such a large item set in the animation, so I needed to stylise these myself. Required very gradual upgrades that retained the same colours and theme. Final balloon needed to be impressive, without being too garish (to stay in keeping with the style of Hilda).


Property of BIGUMAKU, Silvergate Media ©

Prop Design

Props created to be used in Spine animations for creature interactions, requiring collaboration with animators.


Property of BIGUMAKU, Silvergate Media ©


Property of BIGUMAKU, Silvergate Media ©

Scaling Food- Food required 4 different assets because of creature size variants. First, the placable item, then Medium Creature, Small Creature and Birds (the crumbs). These were made to complement eating animations and needed obvious but gradual size reduction as they eat the asset.

UI Design Assist


Property of BIGUMAKU, Silvergate Media ©

Level ribbons- Using Adobe Illustrator, I created unique ribbons to attach to a pre-designed level roundel. All patterns have a link to the level pattern before in some way, so it feels like a progression. They are themed around nordic patterns, nautical sailing flags, traditional medals and plants/mountains/water.


Property of BIGUMAKU, Silvergate Media ©

Scaling IAP chests- These chests were the concepts of scaling IAP currency illustrations. Each one had to look like a very distinct upgrade, yet leave room for scaling. Detail and silhouette were used to demonstrate this- the bigger upgrades having a less regular chest shape.

Holly Dyer

Game Artist | Concept Artist | Illustrator

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